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February 22, 2018 @ 8:46 am

Ignore the awful pink color. It was needed to test...

Syl Says...

Ignore the awful pink color. It was needed to test to make sure my shading layers would interact with the various colors correctly. (I Use a multiply layer beneath shading so that things shade more accurately over very dark and very light colors). Tomorrow, MARKINGS!

February 21, 2018 @ 6:14 am

Theronopteryx Concept Art

Syl Says...

A collaboration with Shadow Terrawyng in Second Life. They’re responsible for the concept art. Much love to them! Shadow really kicked ass with this art for sure.

These raptors were intended to look ‘fantastic’, and exotic, and I think their concepts captured that perfectly.

February 19, 2018 @ 8:29 pm

i have bought a Lyrekhet by sl and i loove this creature...

Syl Says...

There’s probably a post about this somewhere but I don’t know where to look. But here goes:

Lyrekhet are a race of bipedals engineered by the K’thnal. See, the K’thnal are a space-faring race of sentients with the technology to build entire planets from scratch, using data they’ve recorded from every planet they’ve visited in the past. They also have a habit of fiddling with ecosystems. Everything they build needs caretakers, so they created the Lyrekhets, a subservient race programmed to follow orders. Each Lyrekhet is assigned a master or caretaker, and they become psionically linked by way of their ‘bonds’, the golden bangles they wear on their wrists, ankles, neck and tail.

These bonds have special ‘Essence Crystals’ set into them that are genetically keyed to their caretakers, allowing them to sense their masters’ feelings and assist them quickly, either by soothing them, helping them with manual labor, or in some.. questionable situations, sexually.

Lyrekhet are sterile, leading many to question whether the K’thnal engineered them to be sex slaves or simply to control their populations. Either way, Lyrekhet are effectively immortal–None have ever been observed dying from illness or old age. They can be mortally wounded however.

Every few centuries, a new batch of Lyrekhet will appear, having awakened from their stasis chambers deep in the planet, hidden away in vaults and bunkers.

The K’thnal are long gone, having left behind their technology, which we see today as super cities, hardlight technology and the massive Essence Crystals that power literally every device in the world.

Modern Lyrekhet are no longer bonded to their K’thnal masters, so many wander the world trying to find meaning or purpose. Most wind up in some kind of retail or caretaker job, tending to the needs of others–Jobs that are subservient in nature. Others are able to overcome their nature and pursue more self-motivating roles in life. They love helping others, even if there’s nothing to be gained from it, and they can often be seen helping anyone they come across in need of a hand.

In larger cities, they often regrettably fall into the slave trade, bought and sold and ‘force-bonded’ to abusive masters for whatever purpose they desire. This practice is heavily frowned upon by the masses.

Speaking of bonding, many Lyrekhet have been known to find and take a mate, or more depending on the willingness of parties involved. When doing so, a Lyrekhet may choose to ‘bond’ with that individual. Most Lyrekhet will only bond with one individual, and rarely any more than that due to the overflow of inputs.

Lastly, those little feelers on their heads? A complex suite of sensors that allow them to sense the most subtle changes in the air, from pheremones, weather, barometric pressure, humidity, or even the presence of harmful chemicals.

February 19, 2018 @ 8:01 pm

Is there anyway to use a mesh body (Maitreya) with...

Syl Says...

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. I don’t own or use mesh bodies(other than those I make myself), so I have no experience with them. All my content is fitted to the System body, as despite the prevalence of mesh bodies on the market, the system body still remains the most versatile. 

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