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June 25, 2016 @ 3:09 pm

I'm looking for species info on the Lyrekhet. The vendor...

Syl Says...

its not a mix of anything at all, actually. None of what I make are ‘hybrids’ unless stated otherwise. They’re entirely original species intended to be their own things.

in Kinzart’s Lore, Lyrekhet are a species that were engineered by the K’thnal millinia ago as a slave species. Subservience is hardcoded into their DNA but they do have a modicum of free will, especially after the disappearance of the K’thnal. The ‘Bonds’ they wear, the golden bangles, are imbedded with special gemstones called Essense Crystals that are keyed specifically to the unique ‘code’ of their master. No one knows if its spiritual, magical or physical in nature. The Bonds allow them to form a psionic link with their master, allowing them to better aid them in their daily lives.

As a result of their very distinct situation, most Lyrekhet prefer to live as large groups, away from the prying eyes of society, as they know that the concept of ‘forced slavery’ as society would see it, is frowned upon. They’re highly perceptive to the emotions and needs of those around them and deeply compassionate. The ‘tendrils’ off the backs of their heads house a suite of biological sensors, detecting the slightest changes in pheromones.

However as the decades have rolled on, more and more Lyrekhet have found ways to push aside their subservient nature and venture into the world to become part of modern society. While few and far between, they may live in communities, working jobs, usually something in a service role(such as retail, housekeeping.

Lyrekhet are sterile. Many assume this was to keep them docile or compliant while others believe it is a flaw in their engineered DNA. Some have even further speculated that the K’thnal had dark intentions, seeking to build themselves a race of sex slaves but many Lyrekhet will argue fervently to the contrary.

it is believed they are effectively ageless, as none have ever been reported dying of old age. New Lyrekhet appear when they wake from their stasis chambers, deep in K’thnal vaults all over the planet. (As a reminder, the world that Kinzart’s lore exists in is ‘artificial’, built by the K’thnal rather than formed in the supernova that formed the universe.)


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